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The images above show the handles and dash of the Helix. The left handlebar is where you control the lights. LO has the front bulb on like normal headlights, HI turns on the high beams. Below that is the turn signal switch, push left or right to signify where you want to go and if you push into it turn the signal off. Then below that is the horn. In the middle is the dash, It displays the speed, time, turn signals, and high beams. Below the speedometer, there are four buttons, from left to right they are: Hour (changes the hour on the clock), Min (changes the minute on the clock), Trip (resets the distance traveled on the current tank), and the mph/km/h button (changes speed between mph and km/h. The right handlebar has the engine on/off switch and the start button, along with that handle being the accelerator.

Below the dash is a small glove box, perfect for keeping registration and gloves in. If your phone is small enough it might fit in there too, my phone screen is 6.8″ so it hangs out a little.

Between where you rest your feet is a cover that when opened reveals the gas cap. The Helix holds about 3.3 gallons, but it gets about 26-29 miles per gallon. (The reason that there are cables hooked up to the battery is because I had it charging over winter so the battery didn’t go bad and I haven’t had a chance to ride yet.)

The Honda Helix has a trunk, it’s actually the first scooter to have one. It’s decently sized too, perfect for small trips to the grocery store or carrying some luggage. Some Helix owners have a carry-on crate that attaches to the hand guards and sits above the trunk for extra storage.